Mend Your Gut Flora and Remove Bad Bacteria with Flavorful Foods

Learn how to cook some of the best “happy gut” foods to encourage a flourishing gut microbiota, removing inflammation and boosting energy levels

Like many people, you’ve likely already started hearing about the benefits of Probiotics and how they help the human body.

What they don’t tell you though, is how the probiotic supplements can be hard on the body, and they’re not great for everyone to just dive into. I know this first-hand.

I was having some awful symptoms that I was scuffing off to being sick (but it was lasting seemingly forever):

  • My whole stomach felt bloated
  • I was dealing with bad inflammation
  • I was gaining weight for seemingly no reason
  • I was always drowsy and had bad brain fog.
  • My blood pressure was the worst it had ever been

On top of this, I had some bad symptoms of IBS, and trust me, I was feeling it.

I started doing my research, digging through everything I could find online to find potential solutions

Naturally, this research led me right to Probiotics. It was great! A tiny pill and I’d be set — no need to worry about anything else.

The problem though? It didn’t work for me at all!

It helped in some areas, but I was more bloated than I had ever been and was even more gassy! I had to stop taking them.

But that wasn’t a good idea, because it was helping me, but there was a larger issue at hand

Our Current Diets are Not Sustainable

Current research links diseases like Type-2 Diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorder, and even some cancers with eating too many processed foods, sugars, saturated fats, and refined carbohydrates — the unfortunate staples of the modern American diet.

Avoid sugar, fats and preservatives, you can reap the benefits of:

  • Clearer skin and healthier hair, nails, and teeth
  • Fat loss and improved muscle tone
  • Improved digestion and reduced allergies and food sensitivities
  • Increased energy
  • More efficient workouts with less soreness after
  • Reduced inflammation throughout the body
  • Reduced risk of long-term diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes
  • Stabilized blood sugar
  • Sustainable weight-loss

Repeated studies have shown that high sugar intake can lead to an increase inflammation in the body. That’s why we experience weight gain, and chronic pain — What we eat affects our overall health!

These processed sugars and carbohydrates can be directly linked to poor digestion. Not only that but illnesses like Chronic Fatigue, that long drawn-out feeling of being worn-out and exhausted, can stem from our diets.

The first step to figuring out my diet was repairing the damage it had already caused

That’s why my research led me right to probiotics — repairing your gut is exactly what they’re known for.

Probiotics help balance the good bacteria and bad bacteria in your digestive system, promoting a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

Our body normally has what we would call good or helpful bacteria and bad or harmful bacteria. Maintaining the correct balance between these bacteria is necessary for optimal health.

Diet — alongside age and genetics — may influence the composition of the bacteria in the body (microbiota). An imbalance is called dysbiosis, and this has possible links to diseases of the intestinal tract, including ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and Crohn's disease, as well as more systemic diseases such as obesity and type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

I can get more into the science, but the fact is — Probiotics are good! They’re important to have to maintain a well-balanced gut, especially in today’s age and diets.

What I came to realize is supplements aren’t for me

Like I mentioned above, I had a terrible reaction to Probiotics when I took them. So many resources and studies show the benefits, but I couldn’t get over the side-effects.

I started researching other ways to get the benefits of probiotics, but through my diet instead (it wasn’t going to hurt me to go on a diet anyways).

All I could find (in short) was: “Yogurts are good, Burgers are bad”.

I tried following some fad diets: Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean — I still had the same issues. I needed the benefits of probiotics in my diet to repair my gut first before these diets were going to help me.

None of that was helpful, so I planned on using my own background to mend my gut. I got in the kitchen and started theorizing.

Hey Friend,

My name is David Reed, I’m a recipe coach for the team at Peapil Publishing and have lived in the Kitchen my whole life. Working on some of the top-rated restaurants in my home town, I loved theorizing new DELICIOUS dishes! I have a degree in Naturopathic medicine, but my passion was always cooking.

More importantly though, I’m a loving father, grandfather and husband. My wife (and kids) hated seeing how gloom and doom I had become when having gut health issues.

I wasn’t motivated to play with my kids, I was sleeping the day away (and when I wasn’t sleeping, I was in the bathroom), and was overall grouchy and depressed.

My wife sat me down for a heart-to-heart one night:

David, seeing you like this is heartbreaking. You’re not yourself! I know you didn’t work well with the probiotics but its obvious they were helping you, and you’re not getting what you need from your diet!

I knew she was right, it was pretty obvious what I needed to do. But there was one problem

I know! But there’s no good recipes or guides for a probiotic-based diet.

The moment I said it I realized what I needed to do. I immediately ran to the kitchen and started planning some DELICIOUS foods.

I was going to make my traditional household favorites, the same stuff my wife and kids LOVE to eat. Dishes like:

  • Mac and Cheese
  • Alfredo Pasta
  • Pork Cutlets

But this time, I was going to add a little spin. I was going to turn all of these staple family recipes into Probiotic-rich delights! I went ahead and crafted:

  • Kefir Mac and Cheese with Collard Greens (page 68)
  • Tuscan Tofu Alfredo (page 69)
  • Kombucha Marinated Pork Cutlets (page 50)

My family were my guinea pigs, AND THEY LOVED IT! Not only were these recipes mending our gut flora with probiotic-rich ingredients, they were so delicious and unique.

I kept going and making all the delicious recipes I could for every setting, including drinks, snacks, dressings, lunches, dinners, and of course breakfasts

I started compiling all of these recipes in a guide that I could follow myself, knowing that way I wouldn’t stray away from the right foods.

It included unique creations such as:

  • Kombucha-Marinated Pork Cutlets (page 50)
  • Cinnamon Sweet Potato Bites (page 29)
  • Chicken & Feta Stuffed Peppers (page 78)
Check out the recipe for the stuffed peppers below!

And who doesn’t love lunch, especially when you’re eating:

  • Turkey Sausage with Fennel Sauerkraut (page 51)
  • Lemon Turmeric Chicken Salad (page 46)
  • Grilled Chicken Thighs with Pineapple-Mint Salsa (page 56)

We’ve even included beautiful full-color imagery for every recipe! Because we all know we eat with our eyes first. Just look at this amazing food!

All of these great recipes and the best part…

You don’t need to be a kitchen wizard to make these recipes

Nobody has the time for complicated recipes.

Spending time in the grocery store searching for weird ingredients, gathering stuff you’ll only ever use in 1 recipe and then will sit in your cupboard to be passed down to the next generation…

Not to mention slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end.

Nobody needs that.

As a busy man myself… watching after my grandkids, spending time with my daughter and my wife. You know what? Just sitting on a chair reading a magazine… there I said it! All of this stuff is more important to me than a complicated recipe.

No more feeling bloated…

Everything you eat from this book are rich with probiotics, which will fight that bad bacteria in your stomach, fixing your gut from the inside.

You can stop worrying about fatigue, high blood pressure, and blood sugar issues. The myriad of issues that goes along with the high carb American diet.

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